Erik Freitag Promoted to VP of Business Development

Coffee Ambassador is pleased to announce the recent promotion of Sales Manager Erik Freitag to Vice President of Business Development. Having spent over 20 years in sales, and 15 of those years in executive or management positions, Erik is well prepared for this new position where his primary focus is on growth, acquiring new customers, […]

Coffee. Made Simple.

Who doesn’t love a good cup of joe in the morning? Or at 2:30 in the afternoon, when heads start to hang and seconds start to drag? Well, your employees and customers certainly do. Enter Coffee Ambassador. With lightning fast service, a family of equipment and products for all types of breakrooms and live customer […]

Get to Know Sales Manager Erik Freitag

At Coffee Ambassador, we pride ourselves on having the best service in the San Diego office coffee industry — not just in delivering coffee, but in creating an exceptional breakroom experience, doing everything with a smile, and showing our genuine appreciation for our customers. We are especially proud of the employees responsible for this great service. […]