Upgrade Your Salad With Espresso Vinaigrette

Sometimes eating healthfully can be tough. As Kermit suggests, it’s not easy *eating* green, either. Try as we might, sticking to a virtuous diet is a constant struggle for some of us. If you prefer to ingest most of your daily calories via Frappucino, I’ve got a solution for you: coffee-flavored salad. It’s true. You […]

Get to Know Account Manager Nikki Farkhondi

At Coffee Ambassador, we pride ourselves on having the best service in the San Diego office coffee industry — not just delivering coffee, but in creating an exceptional breakroom experience, doing everything with a smile, and showing our genuine appreciation for our customers. We are especially proud of the employees responsible for this great service. We […]

Iced Coffee Hack: Make Coconut Milk Ice Cubes

Aloha! Has the summer heat dampened your spirit? We’ve all been there. Here’s a new way to beat the heat with some tropical flair: add frozen coconut milk cubes to your iced coffee. Coconut milk is having a moment lately, and not without reason. In addition to infusing your morning cup with some island vibes, […]