Get to Know Sales Manager Erik Freitag

Coffee Ambassador Sales Team Erik Frietag

At Coffee Ambassador, we pride ourselves on having the best service in the San Diego office coffee industry — not just in delivering coffee, but in creating an exceptional breakroom experience, doing everything with a smile, and showing our genuine appreciation for our customers. We are especially proud of the employees responsible for this great service. We sat down with one of the leaders of Coffee Ambassador’s signature service, Erik Freitag. Get to know him below!

Hi, Erik! What’s your role here?  

Sales Manager. I oversee the Sales Department.

How long have you been working at Coffee Ambassador?  

It will be 3 years in April, so about 2 1/2 years.

What are your team’s biggest strengths?  

It may be cliche but one strength is our departments culture.  As a manger, I’m constantly reinforcing working together to help each other and having team-building exercises. We treat each other with respect and this also then translates to how we treat and service our customers.  

What’s the best part of your job?  

Being a contributor to individuals’ growth and the results that leads to as a whole. We have had great success because our team has put in the effort to learn and execute in all facets of our positions.  

What do you want Coffee Ambassador customers to know?  

The “secret ingredient” of our sales team is being genuine and motivated people. We can teach skill sets but you cannot teach being pleasant, motivation, or work ethic. Our customers benefit from the fact that our team genuinely cares about each prospect and customer, and they put their best foot forward to service and deliver exactly what the customer is looking for.  

What’s your breakroom coffee order?  

I like straight coffee with no milk or sugar added! I drink medium or lighter roasts but usually have a strong Nespresso shot in the early afternoon.

If you could write a new slogan for Coffee Ambassador, what would it be?  

Gosh, I’m horrible at these creative things!  How about, “We’re fast to react and will get you on track!”

Stay tuned for more interviews with the Coffee Ambassador team! 

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