What determines the price of my cup of coffee?

It’s easy to get “sticker shock” when visiting your local coffee shop, and you might have wondered why it costs so much. We took a look at the entire coffee industry and simplified your choices at work into the following diagram. What will I pay for a cup of black coffee?  $0.15 – 0.80   […]

Coffee Service Questions

Top 4 questions we get asked about Office Coffee Service

Coffee culture has changed. Long gone are the days where employees pour some unnamed blend from a pot that has been simmering for hours. Your team members have come to expect the same quality experience they get at the corner coffee shop in your breakroom. Great office coffee has always been a tremendous company asset […]

Keurig office coffee sustainability information

Keurig for your Office | Coffee Ambassador

We’ve got some exciting news brewing up, one K-Cup® at a time! Coffee Ambassador has partnered with Keurig® to guarantee everyone in your office can brew what they love.  San Diego’s favorite Keurig brands  With Keurig’s dedication to quality, convenience, and reliability in every cup, we are confident everyone in your office will be able to find a […]