Starbucks Solution: ICUP Coffee Vending MachineStarbucks ICup Coffee Vending Machine

We can equip a credit-card reader to your Starbucks ICUP to allow you to charge by the cup.

Why choose the Starbucks Interactive Cup as your Coffee Vending Solution?

Create the complete Starbucks experience at your location
– you determine the price per cup!

  • Offer three varieties of whole bean coffee, freshly ground for each individual cup of coffee in under 1 minute.
  • State-of-the-art technology allows for minimum maintenance and automated alerts when its time to change the filter paper or refill the coffee beans
  • RFID technology allows you to accept credit card payments
  • The Starbucks ICUP features an interactive touch screen

Flavia Solution: Office Coffee Vending Machine

Mars Drinks (Flavia) Office Coffee Vending Machines

We can equip the Flavia C400 with a Pay Module to accept quarters or Flavia tokens.

Why choose the C400 for your Office Coffee Vending solution?

The C400 is a single-cup workhorse for high volume throughput – choose a coffee machine you can rely on.

  • Offer a wide assortment of coffee and tea varities
  • You determine the price you charge per cup
  • Charge more for lattes, mochas, and other two-pack drinks
  • Monitor your throughput and your product usage to optimize your coffee & tea offerings

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