“Thank you so very much, I really appreciate that extra effort of customer service!
You just won a client for a long time!”

Tom J. | Architectural Firm

We’re so pleased with the service

“Coffee Ambassador makes it so easy to get great coffee for our office.
It took less than 72 hours for us to get all set up!
We’re so pleased with the service!”

Don J. | Law Office


“I want to mention how much we appreciate our delivery person.
He’s very courteous, thorough and efficient.
I wanted to let you know we’re very pleased with his service.”

Shelly N. | Gemological Institute

We are amazed

“We are amazed at how much more productive our staff is.
We have Coffee Ambassador to thank for that!”

Eric C. | Purchasing Company

Coffee Ambassador helped us set up our own 'Conference Room Café'

“When we added a conference room on a different floor,
Coffee Ambassador helped us set up our own ‘Conference Room Café’.
Great idea! Thank you!”

Fred N. | Accountant Firm


“Our delivery person stopped by with the tea we were out of and it wasn’t even their route day!
They also took time to replenish all of our drawers!
You all are the best!”

Norman B. | Real Estate


“You guys ‘rocked’ this week in quickly responding to our request for information, presenting a proposal
and completing 90% of the installation within 36 hours from receipt of the agreement!
Way to start off with a great impression!
A huge “thank you” to you and all on your team for making this happen!”

Neil G. | Banking


“I set up a Coffee Ambassador taste test, and the next thing you know I’m the hero at our office!
The service is fantastic and the coffee is superb!”

Michael G. | Architectural Firm


“In our business image is everything. Even the coffee has to be good.
Coffee Ambassador allowed us to do a taste test, and we are now loyal customers!”

Patricia V. | Interior Design Firm


“There are a lot of people depending on our coffee makers!
Thank you all very much for working so quickly and reliably.”

Hugh F. | Investment Firm

We had such fun at Coffee Ambassador’s 'Ambassador Café'

“We had such fun at Coffee Ambassador’s ‘Ambassador Café’.
We tasted some fine coffee, had a chance to test the latest equipment and see what our own breakroom could be like!”

Frank Z. | Ad Agency

I am always greeted as if I am their only customer

“Any time I call Coffee Ambassador, I am always greeted as if I am their only customer.
They not only deliver great coffee, but exceptional service as well!”

Kelly R. | Manufacturer

Your people make the difference

“Lenny is much appreciated for his sweet personality & gentle demeanor!”

Ginny I. | Supplement Manufacturer

There when we need you

“We love how Coffee Ambassador is so on top of thing!”

Zachary D. | Healthcare

Love at first Delivery

“I love my Route Driver Norman; he is the best!”

Jodie P. | AV Professional Services

Thank You Kindly

“Thank you kindly for your help & fast turnaround. You kept our engineers well-caffeinated!”

April D. | Professional Design Services

He still loves serving the military!

“Lenny is an absolute sweetheart. I’m thankful for his service!”

Michele H. | Armed Services

Fast Turnaround

“Thank you for taking care of our needs right away. Now we can drink even more coffee!

Joniene S. | Professional Design Services

Industry-Leading all around

“Your customer service was helpful, courteous, & friendly. Your service technician was professional and a subject matter expert. I’m glad to be working with a company like you guys!”

Ginny I. | Supplement Manufacturer

Keep it Up!

“I really appreciate your exceptional level of service & look forward to a long working relationship!”

April D. | Professional Design Services

You really are lightning-fast

“I wanted to take the time to thank you for all the work you do for us. Whenever I contact you, there’s an automatic, instant response & you’re here for me on the spot.”

Sandi B. | Health Care

Consistently Excellent

“Over the years, you have provided the best products & even better customer service. Thank you for the many years of service & we wish you the very best this Holiday Season!”

Nikki S. | Law FIrm

Thank you again

“This is the kind of service that goes way beyond price and is hard to find in many of our vendors, thank you again.”

Matt L. | Information Management Solutions