Top 4 questions we get asked about Office Coffee Service

Coffee culture has changed.

Long gone are the days where employees pour some unnamed blend from a pot that has been simmering for hours. Your team members have come to expect the same quality experience they get at the corner coffee shop in your breakroom. Great office coffee has always been a tremendous company asset because it boosts your employees’ morale, satisfaction, and productivity. Most companies today know that and already offer a coffee program. But with new equipment, new roasters, and even new coffee companies popping up every year, the coffee market has certainly gotten more complicated! To keep things simple, we compiled a list of the questions we currently get asked the most about office coffee service.San Diego's premier office coffee service image

1. What is coffee service and what’s included with yours?

While some people might think that coffee service is simply getting coffee dropped off at the receptionist’s desk, we at Coffee Ambassador define it as making sure that your office has a constant flow of delicious coffee. To start, we make sure your coffee brewing equipment and product selections match the needs of your company and are adaptable to changes, like a move or expansion. Because we want your employees to have an exceptional, hassle-free breakroom experience, we listen to our customers to create turn-key breakroom solutions. Sometimes, this means that we will set up unique breakroom locations within the same company to meet the demands of different departments. Other times, this means that we’ll work with you as you steadily move some of your employees to another location but want to keep everyone well-caffeinated. As a local and family owned company, we go the extra mile to make our customers happy.

After finding a solution perfectly customized for your office, our service technicians will promptly install your chosen equipment. No matter which one you choose, all of our solutions are thoroughly tried and tested with our Smarter Water Solution™ in San Diego office environments. This water filtration testing allows us to guarantee the equipment we offer our customers is the best available for brewing with San Diego’s water.

Once your brewing stations are set up exactly as you want, we make sure that they’ll keep producing delicious coffee by performing deep cleanings during your regular deliveries every two weeks and preventative maintenance visits every six months. You’ll also never have to worry about running out of coffee because we keep your break room fully stocked through a combination of predetermined “par levels” and direct feedback from you.

2. How does your coffee service make my life easy?

We’ve asked our customers why they love our coffee service. They talk about their coworkers being constantly satisfied with delicious coffee and tea options every day. They save time because they don’t have to pick up or order, stock their coffee and breakroom items, and they don’t have to try to troubleshoot and repair expensive brewing equipment. They’re pleasantly surprised that we care about their water filtration and keep the water quality maintained, so they don’t have to worry about it. They like that they can keep things interesting with free coffee tastings and equipment demonstrations. They appreciate that we can take care of their other breakroom needs through our local partners. And perhaps most importantly, they love our customer service representatives and same-day service call response times.

3. What type of company is your coffee service right for?

While we have noted that companies with 20 or more people (12 or more coffee drinkers) can benefit immensely from using a coffee service, almost any business located in San Diego can find the right solution from our variety of equipment and products. Are you wondering if your office might be a fit for coffee service? We’d love to meet you and find out more about your business needs, just contact us for a free evaluation. Even if we don’t turn out to be a good fit, we’ll happily give you suggestions on a solution for your office.

4. What if my company has offices outside of San Diego?

For companies with offices outside of San Diego, we have partnered with the premier locally owned and operated office coffee providers throughout the country. If you’re interested in supporting local economies, receiving reliable service, customizing solutions for your locations nationwide, and a consolidating your breakroom billing program, you can learn more about our Royal Connection Partnership here or by contacting us.


Coffee Ambassador provides office coffee service to the Greater San Diego Area, from Coronado to La Jolla to Carlsbad, Oceanside, and even out to Temecula!

Coffee Ambassador provides office coffee services to the Greater San Diego Area, from San Ysidro to Oceanside, and even out to Temecula!

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