Nespresso Pro Brewers are now available for your office!

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We’ve got some exciting news for espresso drinkers in San Diego offices…

Coffee Ambassador is pleased to announced we are now an official Nespresso Pro distributor, allowing your business to offer exceptional coffee and authentic espresso experiences with the touch of a button, cup after cup. Free Trials of the NespressoPro Zenius and NespressoPro Gemini are now available.

Here are some of the reasons we know San Diego offices will love Nespresso:

  1. In an independent study 2014 sponsored by Nespresso of almost 1200 businesses regarding their employee benefits, Office Coffee ranked the highest in terms of value to employee, value to the employer, and percentage of the workforce impacted. This study also found that in offices with Nespresso, 90% of employees said Nespresso had a positive impact on their opinion of the company, 90% said serving Nespesso demonstrates a company cares about its employees, and 91% say Nespresso improve their perception of relaxation during coffee breaks.
  1. Nespresso ‘s expertly curated range of coffee covers a broad range of taste profiles, resulting in a coffee variety for every taste and occasion. Nespresso has always used the top 1-2% quality of coffee beans in all of their capsules, and the Nespresso Pro business line is no different. Nespresso coffee is selected through rigorous commitment to the Nespresso Quality Standards, comprised of over 200 separate quality parameters in the growing and harvesting of their coffee beans, so you can feel confident you’re offering your employees and customers one of the best cups of coffee available.
  2. All Nespresso equipment is easy to use and reliable.
  3. Nespresso environmental and social responsibility practices greatly exceed the industry standard, and they make it easy for you to take part in going green as well. Nespresso’s free recycling program makes it easy for your business to eliminate the environmental footprint of your used coffee pods. Simply fill the complimentary pre-labled Nespresso recycling bag to the pre-marked line and give it to UPS during their next delivery to your office.
    Additionally, Nespresso is involved with Direct Trade with over 200 farms, partnering directly with the farmers to improve coffee growing practices in a sustainable and transferrable way. This commitment at-origin greatly exceeds Fair Trade practices, as Nespresso partner farms receive a significant premium over fair trade prices for the farms highest quality coffee beans.

  4. For customers looking to make dramatic changes to their break area, custom-designed Nespresso Café-Style Break areas can be created. Typically, this type of coffee break area will need to be equipped with 220v electrical outlets and a direct-plumb line.

Nespresso Pro: Authentic Espresso Brewers for Office Breakrooms and Conference Room Cafes

The two most common Nespresso brewers found in offices are the Zenius and the Gemini. The smaller unit, the Zenius, is a great add-on brewer for breakrooms looking to add an authentic espresso option to their beverage offerings, and can be a great primary coffee brewer for smaller offices of espresso-afficianados. The larger unit, the Gemini, features two side-by-side espresso brewers with an automatic milk-frother in the center. The Gemini is designed for breakrooms used by 50+ employees, and can be used with or without the milk option. For customer’s who choose to use the milk option, Coffee Ambassador provides surplus frothing nozzles for daily replacement to make clean-up easy.

Is your business ready to enjoy Nespresso in your office breakroom?

Sign up for a Free Nespresso Zenius Trial, a Free Nespresso Gemini Trial, or give us a call at (858) 453-8584.


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