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Nespresso® Zenius Free Trial includes equipment demonstration, all you can drink coffee for three days, and a trial Zenius installed in your office.

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Already drinking Nespresso?

We offer complimentary Nespresso®  Pro-line capsule tastings, with three convenient methods to choose from:

  1. Classic blind tasting – At your company’s convenience, we’ll bring in a sampling of all the available coffees, and allow your company to vote on which blends they prefer, without seeing the name.
  2. The Coffee Showroom at Coffee Ambassador – Now featuring Nespresso® , try and compare all 13 grand cru’s in our Coffee Showroom, located just off the freeway in Sorrento Valley.
  3. Nespresso®  Botique tasting – Designed for parties up to ten people, Nespresso®  boutique tastings bring an elevated coffee tasting experience that truly matches the quality of the coffee.

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