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Nespresso® Zenius

The Nespresso® Zenius is a compact, stylish, and quality espresso machine designed to satisfy the demands of an office environment. The smallest unit of the Nespresso® Professional Business Solutions, the Zenius allows your business to easily and reliably serve your employees and customers an authentic espresso.  With the Zenius, your business can offer exceptional coffee experiences with the touch of a button, cup after cup.

  • A range of 13 extraordinary coffees blended from the top 1-2% quality of coffee beans, kept fresh in patented aluminum capsule technology.
  • Brews three sizes, Ristretto (.85oz), Espresso (1.35oz), and Lungo (3.75oz). Each coffee has a recommended size.
  • Used capsules are automatically ejected after each brew.
  • Fast start-up: 35 seconds to heat up.
  • Can be used as a Pour-Over or plumbed directly into water line.

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100% Complimentary Recycling Program

Nespresso recognizes the environmental impact used coffee capsules can have, committing themselves to making recycling simple and at no cost to you. Coffee Ambassador makes it easy for you to participate in Nespresso’s capsule recycling program, delivering complimentary Nespresso recycling bags with every Nespresso order.

To participate:

1. Fill a Nespresso recycling bag with your used capsules to the pre-marked line and seal.

2. Give the bag to your Coffee Ambassador Route Driver or to a UPS driver during regular deliveries to your business. The bag is pre-labled and shipping is pre-paid, there is no cost to you!

Ready to try the Nespresso® Zenius in your office?

Let us know! We offer complimentary equipment demonstrations and three-day trials, including a complimentary office-sampler kit designed to find the right selection of Nespresso® Professional line capsules for your office.

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