Artisanally roasted in small-batches by our friends at Royal Cup Coffee, the Roar coffee line boasts a wide-range of coffees designed for every pallette. For every cup of Roar Coffee consumed, $0.02 is donated to Neverthirst, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing clean and living water to villages around the world. Neverthirst has improved access to clean water for over 500,000 people throughout 6 countries so far, with more than 10,000 projects completed or underway.

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Why Choose Roar™ Coffee for your office?

While all free coffee programs are one of the most cost-effective and widest-impacting employee benefits, serving Roar™ Coffee delights both your employees and your companies budget. The extensive Roar™ product line has a coffee for every palette, from traditional crowd favorites to single-estate and organic coffees. Roar™ creates a premium coffee experience for your employees, demonstrating your company’s commitment to quality and appreciation of your employees. Royal Cup Coffee, the creator of the Roar™ Brand, has over 150 years of proven expertise in sourcing, roasting and blending exceptional quality coffee, which makes offering your employees and customers a freshly brewed cup of their favorite Roar™ coffee easy.

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Support Sustainable Employee Benefits

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Roar and Royal Cup’s Coffee Sustainability Efforts

  • Commitment to increase the amount donated to Neverthirst through our ROAR partnership by double the contribution in 2017 to $200K.
  • Royal Cup holds an active seat on the board of World Coffee Research and continues financial contributions.
  • Royal Cup has implement a waste removal program for all facilities with the goal of diverting 95% of the waste away from a landfill by 2020.
  • Commitment to increasing partnerships with MWBE (Minority and Women Businesses) Certified organizations as Royal Cup continues to expand their Supplier Diversification Plan.
  • Royal Cup gives a minimum of 5% pre-tax profits to charity.

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Interested in serving Roar Coffee® in your office?

Coffee Ambassador offers complimentary coffee tastings, free three-day equipment trials, and guided tours of our Coffee Showroom to help you craft the ultimate breakroom experience for your employees.

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