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Expertly curated, the 13 coffees featured in the Nespresso’s Professional Solution line are hand selected from the finest 1–2% of the world’s coffee, allowing you to offer a coffee for every palate. Create everything from simple coffee classics to rich and creamy specialty coffee drinks that would be the envy of every barista – all without leaving the office.

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Why Choose Nespresso® for your office?

While all free coffee programs are one of the most cost-effective and widest-impacting employee benefits, serving Nespresso in your office is a proven way to increase your team’s morale and overall job satisfaction. In a 2014 study of the value of employee benefits, 90% of employees surveyed stated that Nespresso had a positive impact on their opinion of the company, and 90% said serving Nespresso demonstrates the company cares about its employees. 84believed that serving a Nespresso coffee shows that your brand pays attention to quality; Your team will notice – and appreciate – the difference.

*Source: 2014 Nespresso Strategic Research Survey of 1500 employees.

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Support Sustainable Employee Benefits

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Nespresso’s® Coffee Sustainability Efforts

  • Since 2003, Nespresso has partnered with the Rainforest Alliance to build the innovative AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program. The program empowers over 70,000 coffee farmers in 12 countries.
  • Nespresso invests in infrastructure in coffee-growing communities, providing training and paying price premiums for superior coffee and best sustainable practices.
  • The Nespresso Ecolaboration™ Program brings together NGOs, consultants, academics, technical experts and business partners to improve our sustainability performance from cherry to cup.
  • Nespresso’s Vertech™ Network (R&D teams, machine suppliers, designers and sustainability experts) is designing greener machines for the future.
  • Nespresso has the capacity to recycle 100% of every capsule sold in the United States. They’ve made it 100% free to businesses to ship and recycle used capsules easily alongside your regular UPS deliveries.

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Interested in serving Nespresso® in your office?

Coffee Ambassador offers complimentary coffee tastings, free three-day equipment trials, and guided tours of our Coffee Showroom to help you craft the ultimate breakroom experience for your employees.

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