Mars Drinks is 100% dedicated to the workplace, delivering a range of café-style drinks to satisfy every palate and moment of the workday. Mars Drinks makes delicious office coffee simple through their innovative Freshpack™ brewing technology, offering  delicious coffees, teas, cappuccinos, lattes, and mochas with no cross-contamination between drinks.


Freshly brewed, one cup at a time

Compatible Coffee Machines

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Why Choose Mars Drinks® for your office?

Mars Drinks® goal is to support businesses who want to provide great working environments for their people. They focus 100% of their energy and resources on the workplace, with the belief that people are the most important asset to any business. Mars Drinks® strives to help people make the most of their day in nearly every working environment. Invented in 1981, Mars Drinks’ patented Freshpack™ single-serve solution has served delicious coffee within seconds, one cup at a time, to San Diego offices for nearly 40 years.

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Support Sustainable Employee Benefits

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Mars Drinks® Coffee Sustainability Efforts

  • Commitment to sustainability at every stage of our value chain, from raw materials, to factories, to consumables and technologies.
  • 100% of Alterra™ coffee and Bright Tea™ products are sourced from third-party certified farms, often grown by smallholder farmers in low-income communities.
  • Mars Drinks® is a founding partner of World Coffee Research (WCR), a non-profit organization that works with industry professionals, scientists and researchers to improve the world’s supply of high-quality arabica coffees.
  • In 2015 Mars Drinks® joined the Coffee Quality Institute’s (CQI) Partnership for Gender Equity initiative. The Partnership seeks to better understand the effects of gender inequality in the coffee sector and develop ways to support gender integration.
  • Mars Drinks® has LEED Gold certified their factories, resulting in a reduction of energy use by 65%, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 70%, and water use by 63% since 2007. Mars Drinks® factories send zero waste to landfill.

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Interested in serving Mars Drinks Freshpacks™ in your office?

Coffee Ambassador offers complimentary coffee tastings, free three-day equipment trials, and guided tours of our Coffee Showroom to help you craft the ultimate breakroom experience for your employees.

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