Coffee Ambassador’s Ambassador Line of coffees have been roasted for over 30 years by Los Angeles based roaster Gaviña. Being in the coffee business for almost 50 years, we know what coffee drinkers are looking for: great taste at a great price! From exquisite blends to flavored coffees, our Ambassador Line is specifically designed to satisfy the wide variety of tastes sound in office environments.

Portion Pack Coffees

Gaviña Gourmet Coffee, freshly brewed in the traditional drip pour-over method

Each pre-ground 2.5 oz pack brews 56oz of coffee in approximately 3 minutes.

Compatible Coffee Machines

Learn More about Gaviña Gourmet Coffee®

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Why Choose Gaviña Gourmet Coffee® for your office?

Grown out of Cuban coffee farm in 1870, Gaviña has roasted coffee for over 50 years in Los Angeles and has roasted the Ambassador line of coffee popular in many San Diego offices for over 30 years. Gaviña uses their passion and expertise to ensure that the greatest care is taken at every step of coffee preparation from the farm to your doorstep. Employees should arrive at the office eager to start brewing their favorite office perk. In a breakroom stocked with Gaviña Gourmet Coffee or Don Francisco’s Family Reserve, that’s what happens every morning.

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Support Sustainable Employee Benefits

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Gaviña’s Sustainability Efforts

  • Direct Impact® is a Gaviña Initiative to promote environmental and community sustainability practices in the growing, procurement, roasting, processing, packaging, and sale of coffee and coffee-related products and services.
  • Gaviña works with the Hanns R. Neumann Foundation and Rothfos Corporation to provide assistance directly benefiting 100 smallholder farmers in Guatemala.
  • Gaviña invest in infrastructure development throughout coffee communities to improve quality of life and increase social and economic development in coffee farming communities around the Coffee Belt.
  • Gaviña works with financial organizations to make loans more accessible to farmers.
  • Gaviña supports charitable causes which assist international coffee farming communities as well as numerous local charities and community organizations.

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Interested in serving Gaviña Gourmet Coffee® in your office?

Coffee Ambassador offers complimentary coffee tastings, free three-day equipment trials, and guided tours of our Coffee Showroom to help you craft the ultimate breakroom experience for your employees.

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