New Peet’s FreshPacks!

Three best-selling Peet’s coffees… now conveniently available in single-serve Freshpacks for your Flavia coffee brewers! Try Peet’s Freshpacks in your office today!

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Peet's Coffee Colombia Luminosa Freshpack Image


This bright coffee is balanced
by the right touch of sweetness
for a deliciously smooth cup.

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Peet's Coffee Cafe Domingo Freshpacks

Café Domingo

Smooth and balanced, with

hints of toffee sweetness and
a crisp, clean finish.

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Peet's Coffee French Roast Freshpack Image

French Roast

Peet’s darkest roast. An

intense, bold coffee with
pronounced smoky

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Mars Drinks (Flavia), the company who has been designing and manufacturing quality office coffee machines for over 20 years, has partnered with the west coast’s favorite coffee roaster, Peet’s! The new Peet’s Freshpack utilize state-of-the-art single-cup coffee brewing technology in order to provide a Gold Cup standard cup of coffee. In addition to grinding the coffee to various sizes (to fit more grams of coffee in each pack), Flavia invented a specialized nozzle that creates a drip extraction process. Mars Drinks (Flavia) and Peet’s worked together for over two years two develop a Freshpack that meets Peet’s rigorous standards for quality and freshness. The drip extraction process and the bi-modal distribution of grind create a thicker body and stronger aroma. As a result, we at Coffee Ambassador believe this makes Peet’s Freshpacks the ideal choice for your Flavia Coffee Brewing systems.

Peet’s Freshpacks are designed for use with the Flavia C400 and Flavia C200 Office Coffee Machines. If you use a traditional fresh-brew system, Coffee Ambassador also offers the full line of Peet’s office coffee portion packs.

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