Smart Water System™ Features

The Smart Water System™ combines the eco-friendly Smarter Filter®, which has the highest ratings from the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), and the reliability of the Brio water unit to deliver an uninterrupted supply of premium quality drinking water. Our industry-leading service means your equipment will always be cleaned and preventatively maintained.

The Smarter Filter® purifies and transforms San Diego tap water into water ideal for both brewing coffee and for drinking.

Great coffee comes from great water!

Now available in both countertop and standalone models.

  • Three cooler colors to choose from: Black, White, and Red.

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The Smart Water System™ is the smart solution for your office water needs.


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Smarter Water Filter

Coffee Ambassador cares about the quality of water in your office. Taste the difference in your coffee and drinking water with pure, premium filtered water through our eco-friendly Smarter Filter® exclusively from Coffee Ambassador. This Smarter Filter®, with its state-of-the-art MicroPure® filtration design, is used in all of our equipment installations. One smarter filter can provide great tasting water with no interruptions to water pressure for up to three pieces of equipment. For filters with heavy use, we recommend waiting a maximum of 6 months to change your water filter. Filters used less often can be changed less frequently, however changing your filter on a regular basis keeps your coffee tasting great and protects your equipment from unnecessary downtime. Our industry-leading service means your equipment will always be cleaned and preventatively maintained.

Why Choose a Countertop or Standalone Smart Water System?

Did you know an estimated 38 Billion non-biodegradable plastic water bottles are tossed into our landfills annually?!
If you want the best tasting, cold water without the guilt and hassle of plastic bottles, the Smart Water System™ is right for you!


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