Newco™ Freshcup

Upgrade your office coffee with the Freshcup by Newco™, a POD-based brewer that makes exceptional single-cup drip coffee simple. In addition to the Fresh Cup’s new innovative brewing chamber that allows each beverage’s volume, pre-infusion cycle, contact time, and brew time to be easily customized, PODs are 100% compostable and offer a greener alternative to traditional single-cup coffee pods.

  • Brews Coffee and Tea PODS.
  • Touchscreen Interface and Pulse-brewing technology make beverage customization simple.
    • Drink Volume: Small (6 oz), Medium (7 oz), Large (8 oz)
    • Preinfusion and Contact time: Mild, Regular, and Bold
  • Back to back brew cycles without reheat delays.
  • Quiet brewing operation with the quiet ejection of PODs.
  • Easy access to spent waste and drip tray, direct-to-disposal options available.


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Newco Freshcup coffee machine, designed for pod-brewing in office environments


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