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Looking to create a “greener” breakroom? Coffee Ambassador is making efforts to reduce our environmental impact through our products, partnerships, and daily business practices - and we’re thirsty to do even more. We are committed to helping our community and local companies achieve their “green” goals by offering great products, services, and practical solutions for a more enjoyable and sustainable workplace.


Starbucks Café Estima is a special Fair Trade coffee
Peet's Coffee Fair Trade Blend and Gaia Organic are sustainable coffees
Flavia Coffees and Teas Support Sustainable Agricultural Practices and Communities

♦ Rainforest Alliance – Breakfast Blend, French Roast, French Vanilla, Hazelnut, House Blend and Kona coffess as well as Earl Grey and English Breakfast teas

• Single-serve coffees, teas, and other beverages reduce waste and conserve water

Breakroom Supplies

Eco Cups made from 10% Post-Consumer Recycled Fiber content (PCF) and renewable resources
Eco Grip Java Jackets made from 80% Post-Consumer Recycled Fiber content (PCF) to reduce waste of double-cupping while protecting your hands from hot beverages
Eco Cutlery made from non-GMO Plastic Vegetable Starch Material (PSM), which is biodegradable and “OK Compost” certified for zero waste
Eco Plates & Bowls made from compostable recycled sugarcane pulp – a renewable resource
Wooden Stir Sticks are a great alternative to plastic stir sticks
Eco Paper Towels made from 100% Recycled materials are soft on the environment
Flavia TerraCycle™ Boxes are used to recycle Flavia fresh packs into new office supplies. Click here to learn more about the TerraCycle™ Program.


• The Smarter Filter™ has a compact recyclable aluminum canister which uses less materials and conserves space
• The Smart Water System™ eliminates the need for disposable plastic bottles
Flavia C400 is designed specifically for energy efficiency, water conservation, and waste reduction

Click Here for More Flavia Advantages


• We deliver over 250,000 cups of coffee per day in San Diego County, reducing your employees’ fuel consumption and eliminating shipping materials
• Our Route Drivers and Service Technicians optimize their routes to reduce fuel use
• We recycle all Smarter Filter™ canisters to reduce waste and conserve resources
• We recycle all Flavia fresh packs using the TerraCycle™ Program
• We recycle all of our paper, cups, bottles, cans, cardboard, plastic, and pallets whenever possible

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.


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