Apple-NutritionSmart Food

SD MicroMarkets allows you to read labels, and nutritional information before you purchase. Know what you are getting before you buy.

cropedbearnakedHealthy Snacks

From fresh milk to health granola, SD Micromarkets carries a full range of healthy snacks.

frappuccinosMore Choices

From the largest bottle of tea to the smallest energy drink SD MicroMarkets has you covered.

delisampler300x3001Real Food

SD MicroMarkets also stocks salads, soups, sandwiches and other favorite lunch items.

freshdirect-mini-babybel-cheese-182596More Variety

Hard boiled eggs, cheese, hummus, ice cream and guacamole are just some of our customer’s favorite items.

pepsi-productsOld Favorites

No need to give up and of the snacks you currently enjoy.  SD MicroMarkets carries those also.

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