Introducing Teaja Organic Loose Leaf Teas

TEAJA Office offers the highest quality organic loose leaf teas available for your office, sourcing and blending a unique range of certified organic teas designed specifically for the office environment. TEAJA’s attractive office display allows your employees to scoop from a variety of tea canisters and mix and match flavors to create unique individual tea bags for each brewing. We chose to partner with TEAJA because their loose leaf teas are always sourced for their superior quality and purity, and are certified 100% organic. By choosing TEAJA tea you are not only choosing a superior product for your employees, you’re helping to protect our environment by supporting sound and sustainable farming and manufacturing practices.

Founded in 2013, TEAJA Office was launched in response to the growing popularity of tea in the United States by a team of successful entrepreneurs in the food and tea industry with the common goal to advocate for health and wellness. The TEAJA team includes North America’s most awarded in-house Tea Master with over 18 years of blending experience and received numerous awards in the 2016 North American Tea Championship as well as the 2017 Global Tea Championship.

TEAJA Office brings the finest-quality organic loose-leaf teas to consumers by partnering with organic tea gardens in 27 countries around the world, resulting in 100% Organic products that are free of fillers and artificial flavorings. TEAJA is committed to environmental responsibility in all of their business practices and uses sustainable materials in the construction and operations of their venues. TEAJA is a member of the World Fair Trade Organization and prides themselves on working directly with the tea growers to ensure fair pricing. Additionally, TEAJA is the proud partner of international not-for-profit organization WaterAid.

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