What makes a great cup of coffee?

Coffee brewers have come a long way since the day of glass pots. From single-cup solutions like Mars Drinks, to the latest and greatest bean to cup coffee machines like the Starbucks Serenade, decision makers are faced with multiple options over what system will be best for their office. While each system offers unique advantages based on your company’s goals, no matter how your office chooses to brew the fundamental principles behind brewing a great cup of coffee remain the same:

ESSENTIAL #1 | Brew with clean equipment.

Office Coffee Bean to Cup Brewer

Nothing sours a good cup of coffee faster than brewing over built up oils. Without regular and consistent cleaning, brewing over the remnants of yesterday’s cup will greatly affect the taste of your fresh cup of coffee today. Many coffee machines are built with this in mind and offer features such as no cross-contamination, or picture-prompted daily rinse cycles.

We clean your coffee brewing equipment during every visit.

ESSENTIAL #2 | Pay attention to your water temperature (195F-200F)

Single Cup Coffee For OfficesProper coffee brewing requires the temperature to be just right. Too cold and proper extraction won’t occur, too hot and the coffee will taste burnt and bitter. We set our brewers in the middle of this range, allowing you to brew back-to-back cups of coffee without affecting the taste of the coffee.

Our machines are routinely tested to ensure proper brewing temperature.

ESSENTIAL #3 | Keep your coffee to water ratio consistent

The right ratio for your office varies depending on both individual taste preferences of your coworkers and the brewing method you use. Typically the ratio of coffee grounds to water ranges from 1.0-1.8 grams of coffee to ounces of water, meaning an 8-ounce cup requires anywhere from 8 grams of whole bean coffee to 15 grams of coffee per cup. Learn more at SCAA.org

Our wide variety of coffee products are designed to suite the taste preferences of your entire office.

ESSENTIAL #4 | Use the right brew time

The ideal amount of time varies based on the brewing method and coarseness of the grind,  but in general water should be in contact with the coffee grounds between  1 – 4 minutes. The finer the grind, the less contact time is needed to fully-extract the coffee oils.

We only offer easy to use coffee machines that brew the perfect cup, every time.

ESSENTIAL #5 | Use the correct grind

freshly roasted whole bean coffee - San Diego office coffee serviceUsing the right grind is one of the most important parts to brewing an excellent cup of joe. Too fine of a grind and the coffee will over extract. Too large and the coffee will under extract. While pre-ground coffee,  single-cup solutions, and bean-to-cup machines take care of this for you, knowing what grind to use is essential if you plan on grinding your own coffee beans.

We offer products in a variety of formats to suit the unique needs of your office.

ESSENTIAL #6 | Use Fresh, Quality Coffee

In San Diego, 100% arabica blends are widely preferred by consumers over robusta blends. 100% Arabica Blends contain a mix of beans from different coffee growing regions (blended in exact proportions with intentionality, in order to draw out and highlight specific flavors in the cup) while single-origin coffees are beans solely from one growing region. For most of us, fresh 100% arabica is all we need for a great cup of coffee, however, not all Arabica coffee is created equal: grades range from Grade 1 to Grade 5 and are judged based on the number of imperfections in the green coffee lot. Learn more at coffeeresearch.org

We offer premium-quality, 100% Arabica coffee from your favorite brands, as well as our own private label.


How’s the taste of the coffee in your office?

If the answer isn’t “Excellent!”, let us know and we’ll craft a breakroom solution perfectly tailored to your needs, and designed to keep your office brewing delicious coffee!

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